Sunday Drives and Sagebrush Highs

Last night, I was laying about, watching the adventures of James T. Kirk and crew, pondering the vicissitudes of water-heater maintenance and hardware store navigation. As I was thus engaged, my fiance produced some quality nature writing inspired by our Sunday (Mother’s Day) drive out to the Gray’s Lake Wilderness Management Area in southeastern Idaho. Here it is:

The Girl with the Darwin Tattoo

I awoke this Sunday morning slowly, and went to the bathroom.  While I was doing my business the door cracked open.  My soon-to-be nephew was peeking in the door.  He is almost three, and no one else was awake.  I informed him I was busy, but that had no effect on him standing in the door.  After finishing up I realized that he was running around the house in the buff, having ditched his PJs in the middle of the night. Oh well. There are worse things when you’re three.

He took turns bothering his mother, and bothering my fiance and I by jumping on the bed in one room and then running to the other.  There was no sleeping in.

This particular Sunday, as all of you know, was Mother’s day.  I came downstairs to find that all the mothers, for various reasons, were taking care of the kids…

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