io9’s Revised Lab Animals Article Still Isn’t Good Enough

The Girl with the Darwin Tattoo

Recently, I was going through on my phone. Normally io9 articles represent the perfect balance of nerd culture and science writing. I can find a review of the Jurassic World trailer, a review of the Star Wars teaser trailer, and find a blog about that new DNA research I’d been hearing about. But alas, everyone makes mistakes.

Thanksgiving Turkeys That Got Away The Thanksgiving turkeys that got away.

Begin scene: I was reading io9 on my phone while my husband bought some last minute groceries, I had just finished bagging, for Thanksgiving. I was enjoying being hopelessly and socially unacceptably in love with my phone when I ran into this gem of an article:

“Why the U.S. Is One of the Cruelest Places in the World for Lab Animals” by George Dvorsky

Having worked with animals in a research setting for the past 7 years, I have some opinions on the subject, the…

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