50 Lies in 6 Seconds: Fact Checking Professional Fabulists

Fox News is the United States’ archetypal Orwellian lie-machine, spinning a convoluted, ignorance and paranoia fueled narrative of persecution and social degeneration for its audience of old white people. Indeed, a full 61% of  the Fox News claims fact-checked by politfact.com have been rated mostly false or worse, making it the most dishonest network news source by a considerable margin. Sadly, because its demographic is comprised entirely of people who would rather watch a carefully crafted narrative that confirms their ideological preconceptions than learn about what is actually going on in the world, fact-checking Fox News is like trying to extinguish the sun by pelting it with five gallon buckets of water. In other words, it’s a Sisyphean task wrapped in a Gordian Knot. For everyone with even a toe-hold in the realm of fact-based opinion, the idea that Fox News is a stunning vortex of misinformation has become an unspoken truism. It’s practically boring. Everyone knows it, and considering the obvious intransigence of its audience, it hardly seems worth repeating it.

That said, Jon Stewart’s rebuttal to Fox’s recent spate of (surprise, surprise) entirely baseless claims, this time pertaining to his own retirement, was priceless. I’ve tried and failed to embed it here, so you’ll just have to undertake the odious task of following the link. The folks at the Daily Show have also put together a nifty little Vine: 50 Fox News lies in 6 seconds (which politifact.com has double checked).

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