Pokémon GO: A Gateway Drug to Nature Apps?

The Girl with the Darwin Tattoo

“Do you think it’s too cold and windy for them?” I asked.  My husband shrugged and gave me a look that said, “you’re supposed to be the expert.”   I looked back down at the bright orange butterflies.  They bobbled in the wind on the tops of the milkweed flowers I had set them on and reminded me of little orange sails on schooners in a storm.  The little hooks

13521865_10153593976875496_4887087130353324300_n The Monarch Butterflies at the museum are part of a Citizen Science project.

on their feet allowed them to keep a death grip during each gust.  We eventually moved them to a sheltered tree.

While Zane and I fussed over the Monarchs fresh from their chrysalises, Pokémon GO players walked by glued to their cell phones.  If you haven’t hear or noticed the droves of people walking around, Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game that requires players to walk to…

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