Trolling the Professor Watchlist

I’ve pounded the keys exhaustively over the issue of the postmodern left’s petty, censorious crusade to sanitize discourse. But lest we forget, an opportunistic relationship to free speech is a bipartisan issue. Case in point: the recently christened “Professor Watchlist”, where concerned college students can report their instructors for “liberal bias”. This is a frankly absurd initiative, with more than a few ominous undertones. I’m no historian, but I can’t think of an example of anything good ever coming from putting academics on a watchlist. It’s a campaign that reeks of deep, authoritarian impulses.

In any event, the sheer ridiculousness of the Professor Watchlist calls for mockery. To that end, I went ahead and submitted a few particularly egregious offenders:


If you’re aware of any similarly subversive pinkos, feel free to submit a tip to the Professor Watchlist.

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